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The Southern Cross is the brightest constellation of all the stars that spangle the African skies. Its sheer brilliance makes it the easiest to find and the safest to follow. People have been navigating their way around Africa using the Southern Cross for centuries. Which is why, back in 1969, we named our safari company Southern Cross. So, when it comes to planning your African safari, why not be guided by the brightest and the best?

As one of the longest-established safari operators in Africa we’ve guided literally thousands of visitors around our magical continent. With over half-a-century of experience, we choose only the finest lodges, the most evocative of tented camps and the most idyllic of hotels.

We’re the experts, not only in planning your tour, but also in ensuring its faultless execution. Our ground teams will be monitoring your progress every inch of the way. Our driver/guides are the finest in the business. We’re so committed to excellence that we even run our own camps… even our own safari airline. You’re in expert hands. So, whether you’re planning the trip of a lifetime, a family getaway, a bespoke tour or a sublimely romantic honeymoon – we’ll have the ideal itinerary for you.

This website has been designed to showcase the magnificence of the African wilderness experience – clearly and simply. But nothing can replace the immediacy of a chat with an expert. Which is why you’ll never be more than a click away from a member of our friendly team of experts.

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10 Days Kenya Classic Safari Circuit
From $5,603

This safari combines 5 of the best national parks in Kenya with the experience of a train ride, you will have an experience of a life time.