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Flock and awe! Even the elephants are scared by jumbo cloud of tiny red-billed birds

Flock and awe! Even the elephants are scared by jumbo cloud of tiny red-billed birds


They are among the biggest creatures to roam Africa's plains.

But even these elephants were scared by a jumbo-sized cloud of birds who are the same size as the common starling.

The red-billed queleas swarmed around this pair of pachyderms as they tried to drink at the Satao Camp water hole in East Tsavo, Kenya.

In seconds, the peace was shattered by a storm of wings, frightening the elephants away.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2108788/Flock-awe-Even-elephants-scared-jumbo-cloud-tiny-red-billed-birds.html#ixzz1osoAZrzN

Dramatic elephant rescue

Dramatic elephant rescue


We all love a true heart-warming stroy - and this one just makes you want to smile!

This amazing event unfolded between a baby elly and it's mother with the help of Norman Carr Safaris, South Luangwa Conservation Society and ZAWA - the wildlife authority.

To read the full story by Christina Carr, Norman Carr Safaris click here

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


On 23rd September 2011, guests at the Tarhi Tented Lodge in Tsavo East National Park awoke to a wild drama. A baby elephant had become trapped in a waterhole, its increasingly distressed mother trying desperately to extract the baby. After a time other members of the herd headed off, deterred by the increasing number of guests appearing nearby. The mother though held firm, unwilling to abandon her offspring.




Wild black rhinos were declared extinct, according to the latest assessment by experts at a leading conservation group. The International Union for Conservation of Nature said the western black rhino, native to West Africa, no longer exists and claimed that a quarter of all other mammal species are at risk of extinction.

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